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I have a background in Business Coaching in a corporate environment.  Motivating people to be the best they can has always fascinated me.

When I had been married for five years, shortly after our first child was born, my husband was struck down with ME/CFS/Fibromalgia (Inital diagnosis Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, referrals to CFS Clinic, Queens Hospital, Romford, further referral to Kings College Hospital, London.)  He could not work or think straight and suffered incredible muscle and joint pain. He slept a lot of the time. This continued for twenty three years.

In 2014 after the recommendation of a friend, who had recovered from the same condition, my husband attended a three half day seminar called 'The Lightning Process.' After attending this training programme and practicing what he had learned, everything changed for him dramatically. After twenty three years he was able to return to work, exercise and resume normal life.

I decided at that time that I would learn the skills to be able to help people in this way. As an experienced Business Coach I felt that I had the necessary foundations and skill set to built on.

I studied at The Phil Parker Training Institute where I studied Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) (Masters/Advanced), Clinical Hypnotherapy (Masters/Advanced) and The Lightning Process Practitioner training.


Dr Phil Parker PhD, the designer of the Lightning Process personally trains all of his Practitioners to ensure the highest quality of expertise and consistency.


I have helped many people, young and old, experience profound change in their lives.  I am passionate about continuous professional development and continue to study this and related subjects so that I can help people get the life that they love. 

I love being by the sea or walking in a forest, singing/performing with my local  choir, playing women's football and most of all laughing with family and friends.

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