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Face to face LP Client

Julie and The lightning process have changed my life. I now have the tools to overcome any obstacle, which is amazing.


I wasn’t in a good place, I was feeling low, plagued by self doubt, obsessive thinking and was being very critical and hard on myself. I also had low self esteem which was impacting my relationships. 


I now feel in control of my life and have been able to start living again and actually enjoy my life. I also now have energy and love to exercise which is a big change. 


 I am able to be present, enjoy life to the full with confidence and now see things in colour. I have improved relationships with family and friends too which I never imagined possible. I feel like this has been the best thing I have ever done for myself and can’t recommend it enough. 


Julie has always been so encouraging, patient and kind. She has taught me so many invaluable things and I am forever grateful to her! 


Thank you Julie.

SH Face to Face Coaching Client - Essex

Before I started seeing Julie I was suffering from crippling anxiety and panic attacks. I was at a low point in life and had very little confidence both socially and in myself. Catastrophic thinking and social anxiety were a real struggle for me.

Julie helped me to find ways to not only control my thoughts, but accept them. I’ve learned how to be positive no matter what and she’s helped me to love myself for who I am. I feel like a completely new, confident, happy person and I can’t thank her enough for that.

I honestly can’t recommend Julie enough. She is the kindest person, so trustworthy and always made me feel comfortable. For anyone else struggling with similar problems, definitely go and see her as soon as you can! Truly life changing.

MP Face to Face Coaching Client - Essex

I was skeptical when my wife first came home feeling very positive after a conversation she’d had with Julie asking me to just speak to her.  But after speaking with Julie for just one session I felt immediately at ease.  Julie’s calm and positive approach and the following lessons we went through have really changed my life. This has enabled me to give my family what they need from me.  Because for the first time in my life I am happy with who I am. That is something I will be eternally grateful to Julie for! I would recommend this to everyone; no matter who they are and where they are in life as it will only benefit them!!!! Trust me it really does work!

TW Face to Face Coaching Client - Essex

When I first heard about nlp and the lighting process I was very skeptical about it,  but, to my surprise it does work! After years and years of feeling like a complete failure I'm so many areas of my life Julie has given me the tools I needed to see the complete opposite of "failure" it is now a word that no longer exists in my brain, I feel sad that there are so many people out there like me, I've been very lucky to have this chance to realise that I was there all the time, and Julie you have helped me so much to see that , thankyou 

ED Face to Face Coaching Client - Essex

I have been suffering with anxiety issues  related to a health problem I have been dealing with.

The programme has been really instructive and has helped me to understand how my brain works and more importantly how I can retrain my thinking.


Julie has been so helpful with this. She has taught me various strategies in order to deal with situations I had been struggling with. I find Julie very easy to talk to, and someone with whom I can share my anxieties. She has endless patience, even when some of the problems probably seem quite minor.

I have made really good progress since I have been seeing Julie and I am so grateful for her help and encouragement. I can highly recommend her.

RB Skype Coaching Client - Norfolk

During and after my sessions with Julie, I experienced quite profound changes in my health and emotional wellbeing.


Just prior to seeing Julie I was under hospital treatment with recently diagnosed ankylosing spondilitis. Within a very short time my symptoms were reducing and I felt in control of my body and mind.


I soon came to realise that the only person I can have an affect on is me and that by practicing calm and positive states of mind that Julie had taught me, I could enjoy everyday life, even when quite serious problems apparently surrounded me. Now when 'bad' things happen, I am able to stay in the moment and even feel calm, which previously was very difficult.


Now I know that I am capable of doing whatever I want to do and am achieving my goals steadily in life and work. I feel more grateful for  everyday miracles and focus on the actual rather than the imagined.


Julie has given me some wonderful tools that I can use now and in the future to insure my personal happiness and help me to live the life that I want.

MP Face to Face Coaching Client - Essex

MP Essex - Face to Face Coaching Client

I would describe Julie as a bright energy bubble. Since meeting her,  she has guided me through the most valuable transformation in my life to date. I had low self esteem, believed that my opinions were irrelevant and I didn’t deserve happiness.


With a tremendous amount of kindness and endless passion to help, Julie has made me aware of false beliefs about myself that I have carried for years which have been a major cause of my unhappiness.

By teaching me to see things from a different perspective I have learned to love the person that I am right now, be more confident, be myself and recognise wonderful ways that I can enrich other people's lives.

Julie always uplifts me because she oozes positivity, happiness and ambition.

For these reasons I would highly recommend her to anybody who is looking for a inside out transformation. 

MT Face to Face Coaching Client - Essex

I want to thank Julie for all the hard work she’s put into making me feel better. I came to her with anxiety and IBS and after a few sessions I felt more confident in myself and more relaxed. My symptoms have improved dramatically and my whole outlook on life has changed for the better.


I felt like she really understood my situation and was always kind and positive. She was patient and would always take things at my own pace. She not only taught me that its fine to be myself but how to be comfortable being myself too.

LH Face to Face Coaching Client - Essex

I came to see Julie at a low point in my life after years ( no decades ) of ill health  (M.E ) and having suffered emotional and physical abuse.

Her calm but confident manner really put me at ease and I found myself relaxing and also trusting her. Trust is a big thing for me, so this was the key to my healing.

Julie offers a variety of ways to help and also motivate, to suit the person and somehow always manages to leave me feeling inspired, emptied of doubt and positive for my personal growth.

I highly recommend anyone, whatever their life situation to spend a few sessions with Julie as honestly, working along with her is the best choice I made. 

LE Face to Face Coaching Client - Essex

To anyone unsure if to go down this road, do it! I have found this approach to be much more productive than other therapies I have have pursued.

I was amazed at how quickly I benefited from the shift in mindset. Despite my circumstances not changing I can now view them very differently and I now no longer feel stuck. I’m definitely able to view life much more positively and that for me is huge.

Thank you so much Julie

CH Face to Face Coaching Client - Essex

I would like to say a huge thank you to Julie for all the help she has given me. I suffered with very low self esteem, Julie soon helped me realise my own self worth and that the only person holding me back was myself. I know that I am capable of making sensible choices and that it’s ok not to be perfect and to love the brilliantly flawed me! Thank you so much Julie for all your compassion and help xxx'

DH Skype Coaching Client - Suffolk

I spent twenty years struggling not to overdrink.

It started in my twenties, I can’t pinpoint a reason, it just kinda evolved over time. I wasn’t a ‘drunk’, I didn’t wake up in the morning with the shakes or fall over and wet myself after a night out. I was one of those, “middle drinkers.” One glass, no two, oh go on then, open another bottle; type drinkers. 

I would get up for work, do a good job, go home and cook dinner, I was a mother, wife, friend. Everything appeared to be OK, but I was hiding the agonising struggle going on inside me, every single day, for twenty years.

I went to the doctors several times, and explained, ‘I just can’t seem to control the amount of wine I drink.’’ I was sent to addiction groups and surrounded by people who had lost their homes and family, (and worse) because of the demon drink. That wasn’t me? I couldn’t relate to that? I had nowhere to turn.

I distracted myself, took up hobbies, denied myself, and lived within this constant circle of misery. Evenings would approach and wine was on my mind, I resisted, fought and battled against the urge. Often I would win, but the victory was short lived as the desire would reignite once again, the very next day.

There was no way out! I was destined to be like this forever.

Then, Julie Willis came along.

As I write this, I am smiling, because I am in awe of just how easy she made everything for me. I stopped over drinking after one session. Twenty years of mind games and internal conflict, and it went away. Just like that!

I used to say to myself, “ giving up is so hard!” but it turned out that it wasn’t, It was actually easy, Julie gave me the tools to use and suddenly I could do it!

Julie did more for me in that short time, than therapist and doctors had done in my whole adult life.

Things are very different now, thanks to Julie, I don’t hate myself, the guilt and self-judgement have gone, the anxiety is non-existent, I love waking up in the morning and just feeling good! 

NF - Lightning Process Client 

I’m a 35 year old with young family and unwell husband and so felt this was a justified reason to regularly be feeling tired, depressed, to overeat and over drink and get constant waves of feeling overwhelmed by everyday tasks. A common thought I had was that I was just drifting through life, existing not LIVING. 

From a recommendation and being moved to tears by the testimonials on Julie’s website I fought my doubts and booked a 3 day training course. From working with Julie and by the gentle encouragement and reassuring support I felt confident enough to learn and embrace the Lightning Process. 

The lightning process was literally like seeing beam of light shining onto a prism (my mind) - then out came this amazing array of colours and beauty that I never knew was possible. I have so much more appreciation for my brain! 

Although only a few months ago I am delighted by the difference in me and my outlook. I now have goals I used to be too afraid to set because I believed I could never finish something I started. What feels fabulous is squashing the anxieties that were surrounding the things I used to love and enjoy, so feel like I’m living again. I’ve got the energy to take on my everyday tasks and even enjoy them! And I love being able to help teach my children these wonderful life tools, they have come just at the right time. I have a deep appreciation for the Lightning Process and Julie’s time and ability in teaching it to me. Thank you Julie x

CN Parent of Lightning Process Client

"I recently took part in The Lightning Process with my 12 year old daughter, who has suffered with anxiety-related issues for a number of years. I cannot recommend Julie highly enough. She was so supportive throughout the process (and afterwards) and she made the training accessible and fun. I cannot believe the difference that those 3 days have made to my daughter - she now has the tools to deal with life's ups and downs in a more helpful way and consequently is so much calmer and happier, which has made a huge positive difference to our family life.


It is wonderful to see her flourish rather than weighed down with anxiety. We are very grateful.


Thank you Julie."

LH Lightning Process Client

When I came to Julie for the “lightning process 3 day course” I believed it would change me.
What I didn’t realise is how set and stuck I was in my life. The Lightning Process unlocks you, the real you,
and sometimes (like me) it is a you that has never even existed before.

What I find is now I have a choice, and am able to choose happiness, to believe in my potential and I have lost that feeling of imposter syndrome I subconsciously carried,
and have found I can indeed achieve my goals.

I would recommend Julie wholeheartedly to absolutely everyone! She teaches with passion and belief.
Not only did I benefit from learning the actual process, I also found seeing the progress and positive change in the other two clients there absolutely inspirational ( and emotional )

Tropical Leaves

VT Lightning Process Client

It's going to be a great new year - some of which is entirely, definitely due to you. Thank you. I am sure you are wondering why I have sent you a picture of a motor bike.  Well I took the wheel out to paint it and it has sat on the bench minus the back wheel for a very long time.  The newspaper under the wheel was from 2002. I just got it running as it has been on the bench since 1994!


But officially my CFS has gone, although I am still adjusting to being able to do so much more. Remarkable. I walked three miles yesterday and I am not at all knackered! I am continuing to get better and better.

JD Lightning Process Client

‘I finished the course a couple of months ago and since then I have made great strides forward. Even after the first day I noticed some very positive changes.

Julie explained the scientific thinking behind the process which I find incredible and amazed that more people fail to recognise the connection between our brain and our body.

Julie's total belief, enthusiasm and confidence in my ability to improve the quality of my life rubbed off on me.

That said, obviously you have to be prepared to work at it and Julie has furnished me with all the tools I need which has made a massive difference to my life.

It is liberating to know that we can't always change our circumstances but we do have the power to change how we feel about them.

Julie had endless patience with me both during the course and follow up sessions. At times I have needed reassurance that what I was putting into place would ultimately make a huge difference to my life.

It takes work ,commitment,belief in the process and someone like Julie to hold your hand and guide you along the way.

I can't thank you enough Julie.’

SA Online Coaching Client

Thanks for the helpful videos this week! It reminded me so much of the help you gave me before.

Your coaching with me a few years ago literally changed my life. I have to try to remember some of it, but overall I have been so much better.

Most notably was when I went on holiday, and I was really nervous about it and you gave me some advise about how the future is not real. It’s my imagination and it was like a penny finally dropped. Although I had a few moments of anxiety and panic, that holiday was one of my best holidays ever. If not my actual best holiday ever.

I just wanted to say thank you.


SB Online Coaching Client

Thank you so so much. You’ve helped me through one of the most difficult and mind melting times in my whole life! You helped me find myself and fight for myself (in a calm non-aggressive way)

Showing me I wasn’t going mad, helping me come to terms with the sort of abuse I had lived with for decades.

Helping me regain my inner strength and enhance my self respect and self love.

JL Wife of Lightning Process Client

"After doing the Lightning Process myself years ago to recover from Chronic Fatigue, I realised my husband could overcome his anger issues with the Lightning Process, too. I am so delighted to have my happy, calm husband back, it worked so quickly.


I highly recommend the Lightning Process for health, mood and energy issues and it was really convenient on Zoom. Thank you Julie Willis for making this magic happen!" 

White Structure

LP Online Lightning Process Client

Doing the lightning process with Julie was a really fun and engaging experience (depsite being over Zoom..!). I was suffering with long covid and my sessions with Julie both eased my physical symptoms and hugely improved my mood and general wellbeing.


I can't recommend Julie enough - we did some really powerful work together yet still managed to laugh lots! I found the LP so helpful that I went on to do a few coaching sessions as well which have also been hugely impactful. For anyone on the fence - you definitely won't regret it!

Online Coaching Client

I have worked with Julie on two occasions now. I have found her extremely skilled and insightful in getting to the heart of what's going on for me.


Her coaching helps me move forward, sharpen up the skills I have and learn new tools to kick-start my health and wellbeing and get the best out of life


Julie has an empathic and supportive approach which makes it easy to open up to her. She gives feedback in a gentle, positive and constructive way.


I would highly recommend Julie if you're feeling stuck in your life or health or just looking to live your best life!

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