Happy Confident Kids aims to resolve anxiety, build confidence and teach skills and strategies for life.

Using techniques from NLP combined with play, we have discovered a unique way to empower children to be confident from within. 

For parents, small group courses and 1:1 sessions for specific issues

For schools, class workshops and specialised courses

About our Practitioners

“The workshops taught the children a variety of easy to use skills that enabled them to be more confident in their own abilities by learning strategies to manage anxieties and worries and feel more capable. This helped build their self-esteem with strategies to implement in any situation. The feedback from parents has been really positive and the skills taught are being used in real life situations”

— L Hearsey, Head of Pastoral, Chafyn Grove School

“My daughter loved attending Happy Confident Kids’ workshops. We both learnt some great tools/skills to use when she needs them. It was a brilliant boost of self-esteem, allowing her to explore how she feels and promoting her own self-confidence”

— Mrs Finn, Parent

“The pupils really enjoyed the Happy Confident Kids’ workshops which gave them a range of strategies to use to manage their anxieties and self-confidence. These strategies are easy to use in the classroom and at home”

— Mrs Owen, Headteacher

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